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Spring Teams

Regional Express Hockey is a program designed to afford young, talented hockey players an opportunity to practice and compete with other top players from different communities and centers from both Canada and the United States. As one of North Americas premiere spring hockey organizations, Regional is a highly recognized, professionally run organization whose teams have established great reputations and a tradition of winning. Our coaches, scouts and selection committee pride ourselves on providing a positive environment while selecting only those players which we believe will be good ambassadors of the programs both on and off the ice.

While the formation of these regional all-star teams is to compete in tournaments which provide the highest level of competition available, it is the skill development and friendships that they make that are the true foundation of this experience. Bringing these top caliber athletes together will not only improve their level of play, but will also have a positive impact on their confidence and on them personally.

For a truly elite hockey experience, Regional is definitely the Spring Thing.